Simple Hack to Increase Productivity

Hack your Productivity

Want to know a simple hack to increase your productivity in the New Year? 

Here’s the secret. Experts say adding art to your workspace actually increases your productivity. A study done at the University of Exeter involving subjects who were asked to perform one hour of work in four different places ranging from a bare office to an enhanced workspace, proves this theory. The conclusion of the study found that employees worked 15% quicker in enhanced environments. More importantly, results showed subjects being 32% more productive when having a personal input in the enhancement of their space, including the art and decor. 

Art generates creativity around the workplace. A good art piece can transform a simple, boring office into a place that brings out discussion, productivity, and sparks inspiration.

This might be what your office is lacking. If you find yourself unmotivated in the place you do the most work, this is a problem. Lucky for you we can help you here at The Print Garden. Below are some items people are saying have helped them the most. Check it out, it may be the boost your productivity needs. 


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